IN2AR, A Cross-platform Augmented Reality Engine
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IN2AR, A Cross-platform Augmented Reality Engine

IN2AR Allows you to create Augmented Reality or Image Detection apps for all kinds of platforms.

Using our free SDK's for familiar tools like Adobe Flash™, Adobe AIR™ or Unity3D you can create mobile, standalone or kiosk applications.

Why IN2AR?

Blazing fast natural features detection and tracking.
You can choose your best platform and 3D engine.

We offer fast and personal support to assist you with your IN2AR projects and Image Target/Marker creation.

Project Showcase

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Unity3D and Adobe Flash/AIR

Unity3D and Adobe Flash/AIR

Both SDK's now share the same type of Image Targets.
Manage your Image Targets


Over 3000 developers already use IN2AR.
We offer a Free SDK for Unity3D or Flash/AIR.

Generate a free account and create your own Image Targets!